Thursday, 27 September 2018

How to Recover Password for FastMail

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Like the name says, it is really popular for its fast and trouble-free email services. It has amazing customer support services and it’s available in 36 different languages. Although, it’s a hazard-free webmail system sometimes customers may come across some petty issues which are readily solved by their technical support.
If you need any assistance for the same, you can reach to us by dialing FastMail Customer Support Number 1-800-764-852. The experts will guide you in the end to end process of recovering your password.

Following are the steps to deal with the lost password problem:
  • You need to sign in into your FastMail account. A tab named, ‘Password and Security’ will appear, and you are supposed to open it.
  • Remember your last secret code and enter it in the given text box, then hit on the green ‘unlock’ button.
  • Now type in your new pin in the new password tab. You will have to type it again in the relevant black box given for the same.
  • Now click on the change password option and you have reset your entry code right for the next time.

This mail service system is eligible for both personal as well as professional communication. It is completely secure, dependable and private for its users. Our customer support supervises in dealing with the issues like attachment, loading of FastMail page; sluggish uploading, missed messages, delayed receiving of messages, network glitches and other technical clichés associated with the account. The services should remain smooth and intact.
For further details, you can contact us by dialing 1-800-764-852. The experienced officials are available around the clock to help you. They will listen and understand to your queries with patience and give out only the most specific of solutions. The team is very well known of all the possible issues and the tricks to solve them. You can reach to them for help at any time, in 24/7.

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Wednesday, 19 September 2018

How to Set Up FastMail on Android Phone

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Email is one of the most important tools that we can use at our disposal. FastMail solely focuses on email service and is a much better provider in comparison to its competition. It is constantly dependable and up with the high-quality features. It’s quite cheap and it doesn’t require much work from your side for its maintenance. It works well with almost all the smart devices.
If you need any assistance for the same, you can reach to us for help. The experts will guide you in the entire end to end setting up procedure.

You can access FastMail simply with its excellent android application. Android apps can log in to access your information only with their own app password. So, using your normal password or your webmail two-step verification password won’t work. You won’t be able to sync your account with an external service and a password error will be shown up.

  • Go to the Gmail app. Account set up dialogue box will appear if you don’t already have your account.
  • Go to the menu of the app and roll down to ‘settings’. 
  • Click on ‘Add account’.
  • Choose your email to be personal. (IMAP/POP)
  • Type in your full webmail email address along with the username and the domain.
  • Write down your app password. To know about app password, you can consult with FastMail Customer  Support.
  • Set the server settings for incoming emails.
    1. The server is
    2. Type of security is SSL/TLS.
  • Set the server settings for outgoing emails.
    1. A server is
    2. Type of security is SSL/TLS.
    3. Password will be already assigned.
  • After verifying the settings by the server, you are all ready to configure the account options and set your name. 

For further details, you can contact for help by Dialing FastMail Support Number 1-800-764-852. The experienced officials will listen to your problem patiently and then give you the most suitable solutions. The team is well versed with the related issues and how to solve them. You can reach to us for help at any time around the clock. 


Sunday, 9 September 2018


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After the successful Gmail webmail service, FastMail is one of the best web-based email services. Most users are very happy with the services and features of the email service. Customers can explore new features and manage their account in a professional way with the Email. 
Reach us for getting any technical assistance in FastMail related issue by Dialing Fastmail Technical Support Number 1-800-764-852. Our team is here to provide you with the tips for managing the account. Read out the full blog and solve all the minor issues related to Email.


Users have the power of changing their password anytime. A team of FastMail Support Australia encourages you to use two-step verification feature. With this verification, the user can protect their account and keep it safe. With 2-step verification, the customer can use the account without entering a password. It is very safe way of using the webmail service.
  • If the user wants to change the plan:

In a meanwhile, if the user wants to change their plan and opt something else, they can do it with the same software. The user has all the power of upgrading or downgrading their plan according to the need and payment will be adjusted at the end of the subscription period. Also, a customer can do change in the length of subscription so that they can enjoy the multi-year discounts.
  •  The user can pay subscription automatically:

The webmail provides the users with an amazing feature of paying for the subscription. Sometimes, users forget to pay the amount for their subscription and as a result, It is difficult to access the account. But with the new FastMail features, the customer can pay for their subscription automatically. The subscription will renew on the due date and amount will be paid automatically. 
We hope the customer will get our points and keep them in mind while working with FastMail. With these things, the user can enjoy the hassle-free emailing. 
Still, if the users want to solve other issues then get in touch with our team, Dial our Toll-free Number 1-800-764-852. A confident team will suggest the user the proper solution for their query. 
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